An exciting challenge combining food and culture with the Cibo e Cultura watchword.

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Ristorante Paoli - food and culture since 1827.

The book was inspired by the desire to explore and share the history of one of Florence’s oldest eateries, the Ristorante Paoli. A key part of Casa Trattoria, a brand identifying nine restaurants, taverns and trattorias in Florence, and one in Milan, whose mission is to promote, develop and safeguard traditional Tuscan cuisine.


A special thanks goes to Matteo Faglia, who coordinated the entire edition, while Diletta Corsini, art historian and popularizer was tasked with in-depth research into the restaurant founded by Pietro Paoli in 1827, its evolution, and its urban and historical setting over the years.

The Ristorante Paoli’s famous Libro degli Ospiti, the guest book.

“I felt it was time to publish a volume about the historic restaurant in Via dei Tavolini, to put some order into the scant documentation and information available, making public new discoveries and promoting the uniquely precious heritage of our guest book: more than one thousand pages, in the restaurant for over a century and full of amazing signatures, drawings, dates, and comments. It was a true challenge hallmarked by the ‘food and culture’ watchword principle of which I am so fond, which I also added as an integral part of the book’s title.”

Aurelio Fontani 

owner of Ristorante Paoli

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